All year round party town, Brighton is Christmas for warriors young and old.

The Vikings have landed

Hail the call of the wild at the hammer of the God’s place, Thor’s pop-up bar, relocated from Asgard to Jubilee Street every day till Christmas. Hot choc for the kiddies and vodka rum for the warriors, gather round the fire pit, harness your inner Valhalla and capture the renowned sons of Ragnar Lodbrok, scourge of all England and France.

More relocation, but by complete contrast, the Ivy in the Lanes offers breakfast kippers and eggs Royale; line that stomach cos it’s a long day ahead! So;

Down to the Igloos on the Beach for daytime drinking and dancing plus chance of a dip then reach for the sky and shoot up the i360 for that view over the sea and incoming longboats.

Back down to the pier and catch the Volks electric railway to the Marina where Santa has landed and back to catch Peter Pan at the Theatre Royal with the winsome star quality that is Charlie Cameron as Wendy.

Out into the light and be your own show that is Ice skating on the Pavilion Palace lawn; there is a bar for refreshing courage and the crisp sound of blades cutting ice to enhance everyone’s favourite Christmas tunes.

Skal to you!