1.  British Airways i360 – ‘The Doughnut’ – see views of the Sussex Coast and countryside with no jam.
  2. The Royal Pavilion – ‘The Meringue’ – with icing on the front lawn during the Christmas vacation.
  3. Brighton Marina – ‘The Battenberg’ – developing beautifully for navel gazers.
  4. The Lanes – ‘The Layer Cake’ of bespoke shopping – no mall ethos here.
  5. The Clock Tower – ‘Vertical Swiss Roll’ – that gives everyone the time of day.
  6. Brighton Aquarium – ‘The Fish Cake’ – go and see the most amazing ancient turtles.
  7. The Palace Pier ‘- The Banoffee Pie’  – it’s got everything to amuse you with a banana topping.
  8. St.Bartholomews –  ‘The Wedding Cake’  you can’t afford – superb space and acoustics for live classical concerts.
  9. The Dome – ‘The Cup Cake’ –  World class venue for award winning musical artists.
  10. Volks Railway – ‘Petit four’ – a moving feast with no bus replacement service and kind commuters in kiss me quick hats.